A lesson on benign neglect!

I am NOT becoming a stump!

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However, what motivates my persistent self-care routine and low(ered) standards is my…

How My Daughter Throwing up in the Car Taught Me a Lesson on Acceptance

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Presenting a United Front Can Be Incredibly Harmful

Simple and Concise Questions to Climb Out of the Dark Hole

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A mug with the statement “I’m sorry did I roll my eyes out loud?” https://www.cafepress.com/mf/108703911/roll-my-eyes-large_m

Is this goal setting you up to feel bad about yourself?

Picture of a person writing goals in a journal https://stockup.sitebuilderreport.com/#q=truth

We wish life was linear!

Robyn Isman

Robyn Isman is a therapist focusing on befriending our anxieties. Robyn is also a mom of 3, business owner, and tie dye enthusiast.

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